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POTEN-C Superdose Liposomal Quercetin 250mg

POTEN-C Superdose Liposomal Quercetin 250mg

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Superdose Liposomal Quercetin is a powerful supporter of good health. A naturally occurring flavonoid found in plant-based foods, Quercetin has long been valued for its antioxidant properties.
Recent studies have unveiled Quercetin’s senolytic potential for supporting cellular health and healthy aging. Senolytics can selectively target senescent cells and support their elimination. Senescent cells are cells that have lost their ability to divide and function properly. Senescent cells accumulate with age and can wreak havoc in the body, contributing to aging and age-related ailments.
Superdose Liposomal Quercetin is a premium, ‘no baddatives’ supplement, proudly and expertly made in New Zealand and independently tested to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

Poten-C combines a patented form of Quercetin, Sunactiveᴿ IsoQ, with advanced liposomal technology to ensure maximum bioavailability of this exceptional supplement. Specifically, Sunactiveᴿ Iso provides up to 25x the bioavailability of standard Quercetin and Poten-C’s liquid liposomes are in the ‘gold standard’ size range for maximum absorption.
With you and our planet in mind, we sourced the most sustainable bottle on the market. Superdose Poten-C comes to you in a certified safe, reusable and infinitely recyclable aluminium bottle.

Potent 250mg dose
IsoQ is 25x more bioavailable than standard Quercetin
Optimal liposome size for maximum absorption
Organic, non-GMO sunflower liposomes
No baddatives’ formula
Alcohol, soy and sugar free
Zero artificial flavours and preservatives
Reusable, infinitely recyclable bottle
Expertly developed in Aotearoa, NZ

Adults: 15ml, Or as directed by a healthcare practitioner

450ml bottle: Servings per bottle, 30
Serving size: 15mL
Quantity per serving:
Quercetin 250mg, Vitamin C 200mg

75ml bottle: Servings per bottle, 5
Serving size: 15mL

Storage: Store below 25C. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 90 days

Quantity per serving:
Quercetin 250mg, Vitamin C 200mg

Other ingredients: Ultra-Distilled Water, Organic non-GMO, Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Glycerin, Natural Flavours, Monk Fruit, Stevia Leaf Extract, Seabuckthorn
No artifical colours, flavours or additives

Caution: If you are pregnant or have health concerns, please seek advice before use.

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