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TASHI Superfoods Plant Protein Berry

TASHI Superfoods Plant Protein Berry

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TASHI is a clean sustainably grown Plant Protein and Digestive Health formula. It is a premium Vegan smoothie base which supports optimum digestion, fuels performance, nourishes digestive health & supports weight management goals.

TASHI Berry provides the significant benefits of Probiotics, Prebiotics, whole Kiwifruit, Blackcurrants and Acerola Vitamin C, providing gut & immune support, enzymes, and high antioxidant activity.

• Is 100% Natural
• Alkaline Plant Protein
• Contains Probiotics, Prebiotics & Enzymes to support optimum gut health
• Helps manage your weight - Reduce Cravings & Feel Fuller
• High Protein - Muscle Maintenance Growth & Repair
• Low Fat & Low Carbohydrate
• Tastes Delicious & mixes easily
• Antioxidant & Immune support
• Gluten Free Dairy Free Soy Free

We have combined premium golden pea protein together with well researched nutrients which support gut health, digestive function, optimum absorption, the building & maintenance of lean muscle, & weight management. Protein will assist with keeping blood sugar levels stable when taken with each meal and really helps to reduce those sugar cravings.
TASHI plant protein is very easily digested and is rich in essential protein building blocks (amino acids) which are required for many functions within the body.

BLACKCURRANTS contain potent antioxidants called Anthocyanins. These are shown to be highly beneficial within the body; benefits include reduced muscle fatigue by speeding muscle recovery after exercise, enhanced brain, eye & cardiovascular function.

KIWIFRUIT The addition to TASHI™ of water extracted whole New Zealand kiwifruit helps improve regularity and bowel comfort, reduce bloating and enhance gut health by stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria. It also helps to increases the rate of digestion of the protein in TASHI™. Kiwifruit are known to have a high protease content – including the protein digesting enzyme ‘actinidin’.

PROBIOTICS – a minimum of 2 billion live stabilised probiotic bacteria per serve (6 Billion per 100g) support digestion, immune function, & help repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria.

PREBIOTICS provide an excellent food source for probiotic bacteria, assist them to displace bad bacteria in the gut, & may help with mineral absorption & weight management.

FIBRE Tashi is an excellent source of Fibre – with over 7g of fibre per serve supporting bowel health (regular bowel habits), weight management (helps you feel fuller for longer) & healthy blood lipids (lowers cholesterol); diets high in fibre are proven to have many health benefits.

TASHI will care for your tummy, is excellent for those who have food allergies & intolerances, is ideal for vegans, athletes, & is also suitable for people who need help with managing their weight.

“We believe gut health is where it all begins… Perhaps you are what you eat to an extent, but you truly are what you absorb, & if your gut health is compromised, so is your ability to process, absorb & utilise essential nutrients.”

Add 2 heaped Tbsp of TASHI™ to 200-250 ml of water, juice or milk of your choice. Shake or blend well & enjoy.

Options: Create a delicious smoothie using TASHI™ Berry as a base, - it's delicious blended with frozen berries, a lemon, greens & an apple or banana.
Add 1-2 Tbsp of TASHI™ to cereal or yoghurt for added protein & gut health benefits.

Drink one or more servings daily to suit your dietary and energy expenditure requirements.

Premium Golden Pea Protein isolate (66%), Ogliofructose (FOS soluble dietary fibre) (24%), Organic freeze dried Blackcurrant powder (6%), Natural flavour, Acerola extract (Natural Vitamin C), Natural thickener (Guar gum, Xanthan gum, Carrageenan), Freeze dried Kiwifruit extract (containing actinidin) (0.5%), Natural sweetener Stevia (Steviol glycosides), Probiotic Bacteria culture (Bifidobacterium lactis), Katemfe fruit extract (Thaumatin)

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