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Origin Health Collodial Gold

Origin Health Collodial Gold

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What is Colloidal Gold?

Colloidal Gold is a natural liquid trace mineral supplement. Our ingredients consists only of very tiny pure 0.9999 gold particles (24 k medical grade) suspended in ultra-pure, (zero ppm) energised water – simple but powerful! These particles remain suspended in pure water- this is also called a colloidal suspension.

Origin Health's bio-energised Colloidal Gold is a true colloidal gold, this means it is made up of gold particles, it doesn't contain gold ions.
The nano-sized particles (a nano-meter is a billionth of meter) in our Colloidal Gold are among the smallest size gold particles available anywhere on the market: Our TEM scans, independently conducted by the Auckland University laboratory, showed the vast majority of our particle size to be less than 10 nm (< 10 nm), typically showing a size of only ~ 4 to 5 nm in diameter.
These very small gold particles are just several times the diameter of the gold atoms themselves. This provides an excellent particle surface area, which is one of the aspects that determine good biological-availability.

Our Colloidal Gold has 20 gold parts per million (10 ppm),

Why Gold?
Discover Gold's properties...
Studies with colloidal gold are finding out about gold's role for our nervous- and immune system, especially in the brain and joints; it appears that this trace element can support the electrical functioning of the body and serve the regeneration of normal electrical activity in areas of imbalance.

Colloidal Gold has been reported to:
• assist people with uncomfortable, stiff joints, decreased range of movement & restless legs
• positively affect concentration, IQ, mental acuity, memory & focus needed during studies,
at school or at work
• supports and nourishes the endocrine system
• positively affect hand-eye coordination, visual acuity, sport performance, reflexes & motor
• support people affected by emotional stress, anxiousness & mood fluctuations
• support a sense of calm & emotional well-being
• naturally Increase energy levels
• nutritionally assist the management of cravings to reduce the need for caffeine, alcohol,
and sugar.
• assist digestive function


Refrigeration is not required for our products (however, you could place it there if you want to store it for long periods).
To maintain the infinite shelf life it is best to:
• Do not store the products at high temperatures (above about 60 degrees); avoid extreme changes in temperatures, e.g. keeping it in a car - this could damage the product.
• Store the bottle away from direct sunlight
• Please don't drink directly from the bottle, use the dispenser cup or a spoon.
• It's best to avoid pouring any unused liquid back into the bottle.
• It's best to avoid storing the product within a strong electrical or magnetic field.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions to gold are extremely uncommon but possible. If you are allergic to metallic gold your body would produce an allergic reaction when you come into contact with it, such as through wearing gold jewellery. Do not use when you are allergic to gold.
If you are not sure if you are allergic to gold, apply a few drops to your wrist to see if an allergic reaction (e.g. a rash) takes place. If you do not notice a reaction within 40 minutes you can be pretty certain not to have an allergy to gold.

Technological Advancement
The technology we use to manufacture our colloidal gold is the result of years of research and the latest development in the colloidal technology industry. The quality of our colloidal gold has been independently tested by the Auckland University laboratory in New Zealand. Hence we are able to offer a Colloidal Gold of outstanding quality, purity and resonance.


Our Colloidal Gold is a ruby red coloured liquid and transparent. The colour appears to change from light ruby red (in beaker) to a light pinkish when on a teaspoon (due to less density), sometimes slightly different reddish/ pinkish hues could be present due to it being a totally natural product without the addition of colour or stabilising agents. At 20 ppm concentration and due to its extremely small particle size, the colour is a desirable light ruby red.

Are all Colloidal Gold's alike?
One would expect this to be true as long as the colloidal gold is made up of gold particulates held in suspension. In an ionic gold solution the gold content is contained in gold ions, not in gold particles. Ionic gold is a gold salt that is dissolved in water. Products that are labelled as ionic gold are really gold chloride, also called Chlorauric acid, a water soluble gold salt. Gold chloride is known to be potentially toxic to humans over a certain quantity and length of usage.
Ionic gold is easy to distinguish because it is a clear liquid and looks like water.

If your colloidal gold it is not of a ruby red or pinkish colour, it is not of the highest quality, i.e. a true purple colour indicates a large particle size. Please be aware that the lighting conditions may affect how the colour appears.
We don't use deionised water which is cheaply manufactured and leaves the water in a structurally not ideal state. Instead we choose ultra-purified and energised water as a base which enhances the water's ideal carrier function. (More detail under “Why do you call you product bio-energised?”)
Are your products sold in stores or pharmacies?
Yes, all of our products are sold in health shops and selected pharmacies.
What is the shelf life of your Colloidal Gold?
Our Colloidal Gold has an infinite shelf life when stored properly but due to regulations all shop displayed products must contain a used by date.
Can Colloidal Gold be taken along with prescription drugs?
Yes, it's a trace mineral supplements that is not known or reported to interfere or interact with medications. Since gold is what is referred to a 'noble metal', it does not readily combine with other substances to form compounds; for this reason there is no known interaction with medications or other supplements such as herbs.
Can the Colloidal Gold be given to children?
Yes. As a general rule a dosage between 5 – 10 ml dosages has shown to be effective.
Is Colloidal Gold toxic?
No, it is considered a noble metal and is non-toxic. Gold is known to be the most inert element on the periodic table; this means it is not known to react with other compounds or substances. See heavy metal question below.
Can Colloidal Gold cause heavy metal poisoning?
No. it belongs to the group of 'noble metals’. The noble metals are gold, silver, and the platinum group of six metals (iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhodium and ruthenium). When used as dietary colloidal supplement, Colloidal Gold does not cause heavy metal poisoning.
Can Colloidal Gold accumulate in the organs of the body?
No. The nano-size colloidal particles in our products do not accumulate in body tissues or any organs, what is not utilised is passed out of the body through the normal channels of elimination within a few days of being ingested.
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis- can your product help me?
Colloidal Gold is simply a dietary supplement. Because it is not a medicine or pharmaceutical product we cannot make any statements or therapeutic claims in regards to RA or any disease. What we can say is that “gold appears to have a supportive role in the immune function of the joints”.
How do gold colloids affect neural activity?

Your brain is a collection of about 10 billion interconnected nerve cells (neurons). Each neuron is a cell that uses biochemical reactions to receive, process and transmit information. In the brain, nerve cells communicate with each other through synapses (junctions where neurons connect).

Researchers believe that the tiny, nanometre sized particles in colloidal gold effect the electrical charges that are produced when those neurons fire by enhancing the normal communication that takes place between these cells. This property of the gold colloid is believed to naturally support increased brain functions and improved motor skills that are commonly reported.

Please note: The references are included are in the interest of consumer education & are not intended to imply that Colloidal Gold has been approved under the Medicines Act for the prevention or treatment of diseases / medical conditions.

This information is not meant as a medical prescription for any illness or disease. Nothing written here should be considered as medical advice.

Directions of use:

Colloidal Gold can be taken undiluted, with water or juice. For best results we recommend sub-lingual absorption: simply swish-hold in your mouth for about 20 seconds before swallowing.

Dosage guide

Colloidal Gold is best to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach 15 minutes before eating to maximise absorption. We also recommend sub-lingual absorption: simply swish-hold the liquid in your mouth for about 20 seconds before swallowing.
Common dosages we (and researchers) found to be effective:
Adults, age 16 and up dosage: 15 ml (one tablespoon) once daily.
For an initial, powerful support: 15 ml, twice daily has shown to have excellent results
For children: 5 – 10 ml, once daily as required.

Colloidal Gold is a natural liquid trace mineral supplement. Our ingredients consists only of very tiny pure 0.9999 gold particles (24 k medical grade) suspended in ultra-pure, (zero ppm) energised water – simple but powerful! These particles remain suspended in pure water- this is also called a colloidal suspension.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding
There are no known problems and many users have used it during pregnancy and while nursing. No adverse effects have ever been reported for mother or child.
Reaction to medical conditions or medications
There are no known or reported problems with medications, antacids, adverse side effects, addiction or overdose with Colloidal Gold. If in doubt, check with your health care professional.
Our Colloidal Gold is manufactured in a registered facility. It contains only ultra-pure, energised water and pure gold nanometre sized particles.
• It is non-toxic
• Does not interfere or interact with any medications.
• No adverse side effects have ever been reported

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