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This is my 5th order with My Natural Health.... They really are VERY good! They prices are cheaper than anywhere else, super quick delivery (as long as the item is in stock) and super friendly and efficient communication. Highly recommend people try them out, I don't think you will be disappoin...5

Received my order the next day, so very pleased. Thanks again also for the promotional emails, the alert to the clearance Sale, very helpful on this occasion.5

My first order and I was very impressed by the speed of delivery. Ordered on the 14th, arrived on the 16th and we are on Rural Delivery. Amazing, thank you!5

great communication love the little gifts.5

Thanks MNH you guys really are the best in the business, great all -round service, special thanks to Sheldon for his extra care and attention to detail, plus the amazing gift :)5

You have some great employees who provide excellent service . Wendy in particular , If I was her boss I'd give her a raise ............she deserves one. regards Greg Hickmott 5

Received order in a week. That was quick considered I am in Canada! The box was a little too flimsy as the box was slightly crushed. But overall very good transaction.5

Another great experience with MyNaturalHealth..great products, super fast delivery, and love the little free gifts. Wonderful staff to deal with. Many thanks5

Naman choudhary is a very patient person, both on a business trip, or on sick leave, he patiently answered my questions, thank you very much. If the shop will be able to reduce the cost of delivery to China ,I think there will be more orders.5

Excellent service and product as usual.Fantastic team work and such speedy delivery. Many thanks5


Natures Way Hydraplenish Serum 30ml

Natures Way Hydraplenish Serum 30ml

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Hydraplenish Ultra Potency helps with smooth, supple, plump skin, helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles whilst reducing irritation and increasing hydration.

Hydraplenish Serum contains maximum potency serum with 88% hyaluronic acid for ultra-intense, moisture locking therapy that frees skin from the visible signs of dryness. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid absorbs more than 1,000 times its weight in water. Topical application allows the skin to retain moisture, enhancing its pliability and rapidly smoothing away the appearance of fine dry lines.

Its added ingredients of marshmallow root extract, quince and horse chestnut give extra benefits that complement, soothe, heal and soften and skin.

Marshmallow root has long been used topically for skin healing skin and for it’s ability to sooth and soften, whilst quince seed (known in Chinese medicine as Ma Gua) is a powerful antioxidant, traditionally used topically to help soothe and heal. Horse chestnut contains Aescin , a substance that supports the body’s anti-inflammatory processes and has astringent properties helping the skin appear taught and glowing.

Nature’s Way Hydraplenish Serum is free from animal testing or animal byproducts, dioxanes, parabens, phthalates and petroleum products.

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