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Natava Superfoods - Organic Maca Powder

Natava Superfoods - Organic Maca Powder

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Natava Organic Maca Powder comes from South America and is a Peruvian root vegetable. For the ancient Incan and modern day Peruvians it is a central part of their diet.

Health Benefits of Maca:
Maca is said to help people with hormone imbalances as it has a unique way in which it improves the function of the endocrine system. It is an adaptogen which means it works in your body to help produce the right amount of hormones your body needs, therefore it can be used to treat a whole array of conditions such as; menopausal symptoms i.e hot flashes, vaginal dryness,regulating and normalizing menstrual cycles and can help relieve fertility problems in both men and women.
The adaptogens found in Maca are also said to increase stamina, endurance and overall energy.
Maca is credited with having the ability to help the body to handle stress as it aids the adrenal gland to rejuvenate.
Due to its content of vitamin C and zinc, maca can help to support your immune system so you are able to fight off colds, flus and other sicknesses.Therefore improving your overall feeling of well-being.
Finally maca contains calcium, phosphorus, fatty acids, vitamin B1 and B12 which are believed to nourish our bodies in a way that calms our nerves and creates a healthy nervous system.
Please note to start with it is recommended to take 1 teaspoon daily (reduce to half if it causes queasiness)and build up to 5 teaspoons daily for optimum benefits.

How to Use Maca Powder:
This delicious powder has a nutty/vanilla like taste which is best used with smoothies, yoghurt, milkshakes, on your cereal at breakfast. You can even add it to cookies, cakes or any other treat that you might be baking. The versatility of Maca is endless and gives you a great nutritional boost. (we love to add it to our raw chocolate).

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