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Lemon Detox 7 day kit

Lemon Detox 7 day kit

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Pack includes:
1 x 1 litre Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, 1 x pure ground cayenne pepper 1 x organic senna tea leaves, 1 x sea salt
FREE: Lemon Detox Diet Book

Note: Tin is for 1 litre syrup only and does not include the book or the cayenne pepper, senna or salt


“The very purpose of food is to strengthen the body and maintain health, yet many of us have turned eating into a deadly act of weakening our bodies and destroying our health”.
Dr K A Beyer

Every once in a while, every machine needs an overhaul, every system needs a cleaning, every worker needs a break.

We service our vehicles every once in a while to free them from any blockages or complications and to get them back to their peak performance. If we leave our vehicles for too long without a service, they begin to slow down, losing their vitality and performance. Usually problem after problem will occur, especially in winter. With regular servicing, our vehicles become revitalised and more reliable, and able to function efficiently.

Our bodies are no different....

If we keep trashing our bodies without a constant service we lose our vitality and as a whole we lose sight of how we once used to perform. With an increasing build up of toxins we begin to slow down, we become fatigued, worn out like our vehicles and become more prone to illness, especially in winter.

There becomes an increase of unnecessary toxins entering our bodies. Numerous chemicals and toxins that have been introduced into the natural environment can find their ways into our bodies through the air we breathe and the water we drink. All of these toxins become part of your daily diet.

Any substance that is brought into our bodies, either natural or artificial, has to be either absorbed by our bodies or eliminated, or it will become toxic in our system. If the intake of such toxins is more than our eliminatory organs (kidneys, liver, lungs and skin) can eliminate then we get a build up of toxic substances.

Excess food gets turned into fat and excess toxins get stored in our body's fat keeping them out of the blood stream and from affecting more vital tissues. An overweight condition almost always corresponds to a toxic condition in the body.

This toxic overload can endanger our health. According to homeopathic, naturopathic, ayurvedic and traditional chinese medicine, toxicity is the source of all illness. Western medicine has identified the connection between many toxic substances and certain diseases and it is just beginning to really understand the overall connection between toxicity and health.

We are only as healthy as our cells….

Without a regular cleanse of our insides, our cells become submerged in toxins; we start to suffocate in our own wastes. Like a river polluted beyond its capacity, we lose our vibrancy and energy.

Most common signs of toxic buildup
Weight gain

Frequent colds



Sore throat

Bad breath


Itchy nose


Poor digestion

Rashes and hives



The Lemon Detox Diet is a simple, safe and effective cleansing program that will revitalize your body and help prolong a healthy being.

The Lemon detox diet works to ease and improve both toxic and overweight conditions and lets the body cleanse itself naturally while you take a break from solid food.

People who have completed The Lemon Detox program frequently report a wide variety of benefits including:
• Cleansing the body of toxins
• Safe and effective weight loss if overweight
• Greater resistance to illness
• Stronger willpower and determination
• Improved concentration and clarity of thought
• Improved sleep • Clearing of congestion
• Increased energy and vitality
• Clearer skin and eyes
• Shinier hair and stronger nails
• Happier, more positive outlook
• Greater sense of inner peace

Detoxing provides a period of concentrated physiological rest during which time the body can devote its self-healing mechanisms to repairing and strengthening damaged organs. The process of fasting also allows the body to cleanse cells of accumulated toxins and waste products.

Detoxing gives the digestive tract time to completely rest and strengthen its mucosal lining. A healthy intestinal mucosal lining is necessary for preventing the leakage of incompletely digested proteins into the bloodstream, thereby offering protection from autoimmune conditions. A healthy digestive tract also helps to protect the blood and inner organs against a variety of environmental and metabolic toxins.

What we are sharing with you is not new. It is an ancient preventive remedy that has worked for thousands of years. What you are about to discover may be life-changing for you, as it has been for the thousands that have come to learn the secret of youth, vitality, and radiant health, but it has been around for centuries.

Hippocrates used to prescribe fasting programs to remedy many illnesses. During a fast the digestive and eliminative organs of the body are able to rest and focus on internal cleansing. The body gets a chance to remove accumulated toxic substances and to break down damaged, diseased and unneeded cells like abscesses, excess fat deposits and congestive wastes.

The human body is a miracle that functioned efficiently long before science came around. Through the ages we have managed to weaken our bodies and destroy our health with the increase of toxins in our daily life.

The Lemon Detox Diet- Rejuvenation sensation is a journey to better health. Throughout history, experience has shown a periodic abstinence from solid food to be a blessing for the mind, body and spirit, the best investment in improved health and a longer natural lifespan.

If you are looking to take a more conscious control of your life the Lemon Detox Diet is a natural, simple, safe and effective program which will help you rejuvenate and revitalise your health and well being, and improve the quality of your life.

The Lemon Detox Diet is a drink consisting of the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup™, fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper and pure water.
All of these ingredients are necessary in completing a successful program.

• Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup™ - The most important ingredient. A combination of the purest South East Asian palm syrups and Canadian grade C maple syrup. The natural tree syrup gives us energy during the cleanse in the form of an easily digestible carbohydrate and the palm syrup adds a rich mineral content.
• Lemon Juice - Lemons have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal value. The acidity of the lemon juice has an alkalizing effect on the body helping it to break down fats and mucus. Lemon juice also adds a tremendous amount of antioxidants and vitamin C.
• Cayenne Pepper - Cayenne pepper is great metabolizer assisting with the cleansing effects of the lemon juice. Cayenne pepper adds a nice zing to the drink, but more importantly it also helps dissolve built up mucus. It adds heat to the system and thus stimulates circulation, helping the blood reach remote areas of the body, so important for effective cleansing and elimination. It is also a good source of Vitamin A and C.
• Pure water - The use of clean, pure water carries all of the ingredients through the body, giving the body an internal bath and carries away all of the released wastes and toxins. It also keeps the body hydrated during the detox.
Why is it best not to eat solid food during a detox.

The single most important part of a detox program is not eating solid food. Some people worry at the prospect of going without solid foods, yet such fears are groundless. Not eating may sound daunting, but it is much easier than you think. The Lemon Detox Diet is a health program, not a fast. A true fast is complete abstinence from food of any kind. The Lemon Detox drink, however, is a liquid food, nourishing and energising.

It is very important not to burden the body with solid food during the Lemon Detox program, as it hinders the cleansing process and reduces its effectiveness. Most detox diets that promise an internal cleanse whilst still consuming food will not do as well as complete abstinence from food. Here's why:

Food contains chemicals and additives, so consuming it will add more toxins during a fast. This hinders your ability to release the accumulated toxic build-up present in your body.

Eating requires a lot of energy to digest, assimilate, and eliminate. This is energy intensive, and your body is not able to rest and restore. When you stop eating, your whole body is at rest, promoting homeostasis (metabolic rest) and reducing the production of metabolic waste. This is when healing takes place and hormone balance is restored.

When you stop eating, your body goes into a fasting mode called autolysis (self-ingestion), a process where it burns off diseased or damaged cells and fat for fuel. Amino acids are extracted from tired and damaged cells, resynthesized and re-used. The old cells are thus effectively disposed of and the formation of new cells is sped up. However, the body will never consume or damage its own essential tissues or vital organs.

Meanwhile, the eliminative organs (lungs, liver lymphatic system, kidneys and skin) are themselves cleansed, ensuring the rapid expulsion of accumulated metabolic wastes. This causes rapid expulsion of metabolic waste in the cells and promotes new cell formation. In short, your body becomes rejuvenated

What is the function of the Lemon Detox drink?

The Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup & lemon drink fulfils all the important functions of the cleansing programme.

• The Lemon Detox drink supplies the nutrients necessary for the body’s continuing alert functioning, helping to restore the biochemical and mineral balance in tissues and cells and expediting cell regeneration.

• It is quickly and easily assimilated into the bloodstream, freeing the energy of the body used for digestion to other tasks such as detoxification and cell regeneration. The drink supplies very little protein, further aiding the elimination process.

• It provides a liquid medium essential for the efficient flushing of waste from the system.

• The ascorbic acid in the lemons assists the cleansing process, acting as an internal detergent to dissolve excess fats.

• The cayenne helps speed up metabolism promoting circulation and elimination, dissolves the phlegm, and regenerates the blood. A good source of Vitamins A and C, which complement the nutritional value of the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup and the lemons.

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