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Harker Herbals CHILDREN'S Wind Calm & Settle

Harker Herbals CHILDREN'S Wind Calm & Settle

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(Previously known as Harker Herbals CHILDREN'S Tummy Soothe)

Harker Herbals CHILDREN'S Wind Calm & Settle is the perfect solution for BABY COLIC and DIGESTIVE and GUT HEALTH support.
It improves digestion and relieves symptoms associated with digestive upsets including colic in babies, wind, bloating and cramping. Encourages rest by calming and relaxing the nervous system. Includes Chamomile, clinically researched to support reduction of colic symptoms in babies, and essential oils of Dill and Mandarin, traditionally used specifically to relieve colic symptoms in babies and young children.

Indicated for:
• Digestive upsets
• Wind, bloating and cramping
• Difficulty digesting starches and fats
• Irritable bowel
• Upset digestive system associated with food sensitivities
• Difficulty passing wind
• Difficulty settling into sleep due to digestive upsets
• Babies with colic
• Nausea

Key benefits:
• Relieves upset stomachs, bloating and cramping (anti spasmodic effect on gastro-intestinal tract)
• Aids digestion by supporting secretion of bile and breaking down fats
• Can be taken long term, although any long term digestive upset should be checked by a healthcare professional
• Suitable for morning sickness in pregnancy (take a 10ml dose up to 6 times per day)
• Can be taken while using other products in the Children’s range
• Free from preservatives, alcohol, ethanol, dairy, gluten, nuts and honey
• Natural sweet mandarin flavour

Take recommended dose by age group as needed to calm upset tummies and colicky babies up to six times per day.

Infants 0-1 years: 0.5ml (10 drops)
Children 1-2- years: 1 to 2ml (¼ metric teaspoon)
Children 2-5 years: 2 to 3ml (½ metric teaspoon)
Children 5 years and over: 5ml (1 metric teaspoon)

Syrup may be warmed a little to enable easier pouring
or drawing dose into syringe.

Formulated to contain measured therapeutic doses of dried herbs.

Active ingredients per 5ml dose:
DILL oil 6mg
CHAMOMILE flowers 2142mg
MANDARIN oil 5.75mg
LEMON BALM herb 468.4mg

In a syrup base of chicory root fibre, vegetable glycerine, natural flavours, citric acid and water.
Each 5ml dose contains approximately 0.066gm of sugar per dose.

• Check for known allergies to ingredients
• Always read the label and use as directed

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