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Good Health Adrenal Balance

Good Health Adrenal Balance

60 caps @


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Good Health Adrenal Balance helps to keep your stress in check while balancing physical and mental energy and promotes calmness. Good Health Adrenal balance contains 2 formulas: one for day time and one for night time. Naturally formulated to help your body cope better during times of stress, fatigue and mental exhaustion.

Adrenal Balance includes nutrients that are used to balance stress and nervous tension; ideal for those who are fatigues or feeling wired and tired.

A natural programme to help get your life back.

Key Features

Day formula
- Replenishes & nurtures adrenal glands
- Balances stress & fights fatigue
- Supports healthy energy levels
- Support for mental alertness

Night formula
- Nourishes while you sleep
- Relieves tension
- Promotes calmness
- Supports sleep & relaxation

Overall Key Features
- Specifically formulated to support stress & adrenal fatigue (burnout)
- 24 hour Adrenal Fatigue support
- Two comprehensive formulas in one box – one day and one night
- Contains Cordyceps mushroom

Key Benefits
- Helps your mind and body cope better during times of stress, fatigue and mental exhaustion
- Comprehensive formula that supports you day and night
- Cost effective 30 day programme
- Well known supporting herbs during times of stress
- Well-known to increase energy & stamina

- Stress & anxiety
- Fatigue and low energy
- Feeling run down
- Nervous tension
- Poor sleep patterns
- Wired and tired
- Exhaustion
- Emotional and physical burnout

Take 1 day formula in the morning with food;
Take 1 night restore formula before bed.

Ingredients: (per capsule)
Day Formula:
Herbal extracts equivalent to dry:
Eleutherococcus senticosus root & rhizome (Siberian Ginseng) 1000mg
Ocimum tenuiflorum leaf (Holy Basil) 1000mg
Astragalus membranaceus root (Astragalus) 100mg
Withania somnifera root (Ashwagandha) 100mg

Other Ingredient:
Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body (Cordyceps) 80mg
(Equiv. to Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body fresh 800mg)

Night Restore Formula:
Herbal extracts equivalent to dry:
Melissa officinalis leaf (Lemon Balm) 1200mg
Humulus lupulus fruit (Hops) 750mg
Withania somnifera root (Ashwagandha) 100mg

Other Ingredient:
Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body (Cordyceps) 60mg
(Equiv. to Cordyceps sinensis fruiting body fresh 600mg)

Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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