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Ana Henderson began making natural deodorant in her kitchen in Lyall Bay, Wellington to give as presents to friends and family. When everybody raved about it and asked for more, the idea for a business took hold. 'Oh Goodness' was born, and so began her journey to source 100% ethical, natural & organic plant ingredients with a focus on environmental sustainability. So how does one use a deodorant cream and how effective is it....? Find out here...

Do You Need a Natural Sunscreen That Ticks All the Boxes?

Summer holidays are ending but that doesn’t mean the sun is coming to an end. If you look at the temperatures across the country, we are looking at some of the hottest weather of the summer, and we still need to be regularly applying sunscreen; - a natural & safe one that also that rubs in beautifully...

HOMOEOPATHIC First Aid Essentials for the Whole Family

Summer is here! The sun is bright, the days are longer and many of us are looking forward to a well-earned break over the ‘Christmas holiday season’. As well as a little over indulging, throw in a summer full of outdoor activities; whether it be hiking, gardening, playing sports, on the water or finally doing that D.I.Y job that has been beckoning over the winter months. We are often asked what would be a few ideal First Aid essentials to have on hand for the whole family….see below for a few recommendations from Naturo Pharm…

Gut Health for Little Ones

As you will know by now, our Gut microbiota has a major role to play in the health and function of our Gastro Intestinal tract, with evidence that conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) often coincide with ‘altered’ microbiota. But it also plays a much wider role in our health, and this is largely determined in the first few years of life.

BANANA WALNUT LOAF Recipe - Dairy Free & Vegan

Ceres Organics recipe for a delicious healthy version of everyones favourite loaf!! The texture of this Banana Walnut loaf is so on point, more cake than bread and it tastes amazing! Another reason to love this loaf – you don’t need to blend or beat anything! You can get away with using just one large bowl, and most of the make time here is oven time. You just need 15 minutes or so to mix everything together. Totally addictive! The best way to enjoy this, hands down, is warmed or toasted with coconut or cashew butter. It tastes incredibly decadent, but it’s actually healthy!

Stress – a positive gone wrong...

Can you imagine what happens to your body when the stress response keeps firing, day after day? Stress, in everyday terms, is a feeling that people have when they are overloaded and struggling to cope with demands. This is not uncommon in our busy lifestyles and it could put your health at serious risk.

Meet CHAGA – the Super Anti-Aging Medicinal Mushroom

Rich in an extraordinary amount of beneficial nutrients, medicinal mushroom CHAGA is the perfect support in todays’ busy world. Well known as a potent anti-oxidant, it has a protective action against oxidative damage and has long had a reputation for being THE Anti-Aging mushroom.

Joint Stiffness -Time to Loosen Up!

Are you one of the 670,000 kiwis affected by joint stiffness? Perhaps you are starting to notice during the recent colder months that saying ‘chilled to the bone’ now infers your joints also feel a bit stiff, making it harder to get going in the colder mornings. Whether the first signs of joint stiffness come in your inability to freely swing your legs out of bed ready for the day, during or after playing your favourite sport, or you are starting to notice some odd creaks while sitting down or going up the stairs, you can tackle this inconvenience that tends to grow with age.

Spring into Spring with Plant Based Nutrition

Spring is here! Flowers, lambs, the start of daylight savings! It can be an exciting season. Spring is the season of new growth, spring cleaning and it can also be a start of your 'spring' resolutions. We are three quarters of the way through the year, so many of us are probably feeling tired from rushing around. Modern life is busy, we have extra pressures from work, family, let alone environmental pressures (such as pollution, chronic stress, oxidative stress). So Spring is a great season to check back in to any New Year's resolutions we made and try and make health and energy our priority again.

How Many Sheep Do YOU Count Each Night?

This will probably come as no surprise to most people that a sleep study released by Sovereign in 2016 revealed that a third of Kiwi’s are sleep deprived! Further to this a study by Boston College found that NZ children are amongst the most sleep deprived out of the 50 countries studied!

Beautiful South Island Soaps to Nurture your SKIN…

Global Soap began 22 years ago in 1997 in a family lounge in Nelson New Zealand. It sprang from the recognition of, and a desire to support a growing need for natural skin products in New Zealand. A unique family business was born, and it has been dedicated to producing quality handmade products ever since.

Arnica Plus, for Every Day Natural Healing

Arnica has been used traditionally for injuries, bruises and sprains for hundreds of years, especially in the mountain areas of Europe where the incidence of such injuries are common. The plant is said to grow on the slopes of the mountains, conveniently in reach of those that have fallen from above! The Germans call it Fallkraut or fall herb. From there Arnica is now used worldwide as a natural risk-free way to manage sports injuries.

Make-up which Feeds & Nourishes your Skin Everyday…Is there Such a Thing?

Yes there most definitely is! Living Nature believes that the cosmetics or make-up that you wear each day should not only provide gorgeous colour, but should also nourish your delicate skin. Living Nature has created cosmetics rich in amazing active ingredients which compliment your daily skincare routine. These potent ingredients in their make-up range actually help to promote, nurture and protect naturally beautiful skin.

NOW Brain Attention - Stay Sharp and Focused

There are times we all need some serious nutritional support for our brains to help us stay sharp and focused. To help us to think clearly, whether working, studying, learning or to help improve our attention span and memory. Even during times of stress, it's important to consider how we can support healthy cognitive function. NOW Foods Brain Attention formula brings us the latest research on a powerful brain nutrient which is ideal for all ages....

Feeling Fab with Fibre!

Are you feeling bloated and uncomfortable in your tummy? Do you suffer from excessive or smelly “wind”? Fun Fact: the average adult has 1-7 kg’s of undigested faecal matter stuck in their colon- and that is after a visit to the smallest room! It could be that a daily dose of natural fibre is the answer to feeling fabulous again.

Are you getting enough VITAMIN D?

The lack of Vitamin D in a persons’ diet has long been recognised as playing a significant role in osteoporosis and rickets, but more recently it has also been shown to be associated with some more serious chronic health conditions.

Peaceful Dreams for your Little Ones

In an ideal world, bedtime for your wee ones would be a sweet routine of baths, jarmies, a bedtime story and peaceful quiet for mums and dads until morning. Sadly for many households this is not the case, but help is at hand with clinically researched herbs and a specific amino acid and to assist getting them off to sleep, and also to help them stay asleep.

Relief from the Common Cold for the Whole Family

It’s that time of year again…we’ve navigated our way through the change of season with its allergies and heading into the cold nights and frosty mornings bringing with it the common winter cold. What if there was an effective treatment for the whole family in one little spray bottle? Coldmed Relief Spray may be just what the doctor ordered!

Apple Cider Vinegar – Why is it so good for us?

You have probably heard a few of the benefits of taking apple cider vinegar; or ACV as it’s now called by many. It’s said to help with many things, including weight loss, improving digestion, treating fungal conditions, stabilising blood sugar, balancing pH and helping with various skin conditions.

‘Guilt Free’ Easter Treats – Easy RAW CHOCOLATE (Vegan)

A super simple and delicious chocolate recipe for any time of year. With only 4 ingredients, (plus toppings of your choice) it’s quick to make and is ideal for anyone watching their weight or with allergies to dairy products. The generous dose of raw cacao powder means it has a high nutritional profile; being a rich source of antioxidants and beneficial minerals, notably magnesium.
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