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Annies Natural Sweet Sugar Substitute - 100% Xylitol

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Natural Sweet Xylitol is a natural sugar replacement, with 40% less calories. It looks and taste like refined white sugar but is teeth-friendly, and has a GI index of just 7.

Xylitol is a ‘sugar alcohol’, and as such has a much lesser impact on blood glucose levels than regular table sugar (sucrose) as it is digested and absorbed much slower.

This 100% Xylitol is found in small quantities in many plants and fruits and Annies Xylitol is extracted from corn husk.

Use it where sugar is normally used and one for one sugar with your recipes. It dissolves and is heat stable for cooking and hot drinks.

It can be used by all ages and is recommended for infants and pregnant mums. There is no recommended daily intake - simply use it as a sweetener, but note that excessive use may cause a laxative effect.

Clinical studies show Xylitol:
- protects the mouth from tooth decay
- inhibits growth of bacteria in the middle ear
- does not support the growth of candida
- helps maintain bone density
- is a natural insulin stabiliser
- does not raise blood sugar levels

Annies Xylitol is currently sourced from China, from our trusted supplier.

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