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Microgenics Cold Sore Relief

Microgenics cold sore refief is a high potency formula to help relieve cold sore symptoms. This formula can help relieve the severity and the duration of cold sores, as well as assist wound healing... more

Microgenics Magnesium Chelated

Microgenics Provides 100mg of elemental Magnesium per tablet, chelated with an amino acid for high absorption. Magnesium helps relieve muscle cramps and spasms, including relief of menstrual crampi... more
RRP NZD30.55 NZD19.90

Microgenics Magnesium Complex & Cramp Bark

MICROgenics Magnesium Cramp Bark Formula is a powerful combination of Magnesium with its co-factors, Zinc and Vitamin B6, plus the herbal antispasmodic Cramp Bark. This formula can aid in the relie... more
RRP From NZD33.65 to NZD57.45 From NZD20.80 to NZD36.50

Microgenics Mega Multi INTENSE

Microgenics A high potency combination of vitamins, minerals, trace nutrients and antioxidants. This formula can help improve wellbeing, restore good health, assist energy production and reduce the... more
From NZD29.00 to NZD52.90

Microgenics Vitamin E 500IU-Gelatin Free

MICROgenics Vitamin E 500IU is a potent antioxidant which supports cardiovascular and circulatory health. Vitamin E assists in maintaining a healthy skin complexion and supports the healing of mino... more
RRP From NZD40.80 to NZD69.40 From NZD28.50 to NZD48.40

Microgenics Zinc Formula

Microgenics A high potency formula providing 15mg of elemental Zinc, with supporting nutrients. It is designed to help maintain skin condition, general immune defence and help prevent Zinc deficien... more
From NZD13.90 to NZD24.20

Good Health Hi-Cal

Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D Supports healthy bone density Promotes optimal Calcium levels Calcium requirements increase with age Liquid Calcium Vitamin D Hi cal provides Calcium and Vitamin D... more
Buy 3 pay for 2 promotion
RRP From NZD14.90 to NZD25.50 From NZD12.90 to NZD17.90

Good Health Revitalise

Vitamin C and Magnesium powder Targets stress resistance and energy levels Supports healthy immune function Antioxidant protection support Supports cardiovascular health Revitalise C™ helps re... more
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RRP NZD26.50 NZD16.90

Thompsons Vitamin A. 10,000iu

Thompson's high potency Vitamin A 10,000IU plays a major role in supporting immune function and assists in promoting healthy skin and eyes. Vitamin A, the first recognised fat-soluble vitamin, ... more
RRP NZD26.00 0

Thompsons Super Carotene Complete

Beta-carotene is well recognised as a major source of Vitamin A and as an antioxidant nutrient. Scientific research is finding new potential health benefits for the carotenoid family. Beta-carotene... more
RRP NZD31.80 NZD24.90

Thompsons Cod Liver Plus Oil

Cod liver oil may be useful in the maintenance of general good health and to support immune function. It is a natural source of vitamins A and D that may be of benefit in preventing the development... more
RRP NZD16.10 NZD13.50

Thompsons High Potency Ultra-B

Thompson's High Potency Ultra B is a super selection of nutrients to help the body deal with stress. This B vitamin complex has key nutrients and herbs, including valerian, passionflower and ... more
RRP From NZD31.30 to NZD78.00 From NZD24.50 to NZD59.90

Thompsons Vitamin B6 50mg

Thompson’s B6 Pyridoxine is in the form of Pyridoxine hydrochloride - the most popular form of Vitamin B6. Pyridoxine or Vitamin B6 is an important member of the B Complex family. This nutrient is ... more
RRP NZD17.60 NZD14.70

Thompsons Vitamin B12 50mcg

Thompsons Vitamin B12 50mcg Also known as cobalamin, Vitamin B12 was first identified as the nutritional factor in liver that prevented pernicious anaemia, a potentially fatal disease, from occu... more
RRP NZD17.10 NZD12.90

Thompsons Niacin (Vitamin B3) 100mg

Thompsons: Vitamin B3 is also known as niacin and is available in two forms: nicotinic acid (or nicotinate) and niacinamide (nicotinamide). In supplemental form both nicotinic acid and niacinamide ... more
RRP NZD19.00 NZD14.90

Thompsons Pantothenic Acid Vit. B5 500mg

Thompson's B5 500mg (Pantothenic Acid) helps maintain optimum adrenal function. The name Pantothenic Acid is derived from the Greek word pantos, which means “everywhere”. Thompson’s high dose Pan... more
RRP NZD25.00 NZD20.80

Thompsons Biotin 150 mcg

Thompsons Sometimes referred to as Vitamin H, Biotin is in fact member of the Vitamin B complex family. Required by the body in small amounts, Biotin is essential for a wide range of functions in t... more
RRP NZD19.50 NZD15.90

Thompsons Folic Acid 500 mcg

Thompsons Folic acid, also known as folate, is an important member of the water-soluble B-group vitamins. It received its name from the Latin word folium, meaning "foliage", because it is found in ... more
RRP NZD14.70 NZD11.90

Thompsons Brewer's Yeast 500 mg

Thompson's Brewers Yeast tablets provide a rich natural source of nutrients including the B group vitamins and chromium. They may be useful in stress-related disorders such as anxiety and fatigue. ... more
RRP NZD18.90 NZD15.50

Thompsons Vitamin C 250 mg chewable

Thompson's Vitamin C Chewables provide the essential nutrient of Vitamin C. Essential because the human body does not manufacture it’s own Vitamin C, and because of its vital nutritional role. V... more
RRP NZD18.65 NZD14.50

Thompsons Vitamin C 500 mg chewable

Thompson's Chewable Vitamin C 500mg is buffered, a technique which counteracts gastric irritation which is a common problem with ordinary Vitamin C tablets. This formula may help relieve symptoms ... more
RRP From NZD17.40 to NZD35.15 From NZD13.90 to NZD23.90

Thompsons Vitamin C 1000 mg chewable

Vitamin C has long been known as a vital nutrient in protecting the body against colds and winter infections. But far less universally recognised is the highly effective role Vitamin C plays in dea... more
From NZD14.50 to NZD38.90

Thompsons Ultra-C

Thompson's Ultra C, an advanced form of Vitamin C, is easier to absorb ino the body, and gentler on the stomach than other Vitamin C complexes that use highly acidic ascorbic acid (pH 2.4). Tho... more
RRP NZD79.60 NZD51.90

Thompsons Esterified C 1000mg

Thompsons Esterified C - Humans unlike most animals cannot manufacture their own Vitamin C, so it must be replenished daily. The need for Vitamin C is increased during periods of stress, illness, r... more
RRP From NZD39.10 to NZD65.80 From NZD31.90 to NZD49.50

Thompsons Super Bioflavonoid

Thompsons Super Bioflavonoid The existence of Vitamin P was postulated in 1936 by Szent-Gyorgyi, who claimed extracts of Hungarian red peppers and lemon juice contained a substance that was mor... more
RRP From NZD34.70 to NZD65.40 From NZD28.90 to NZD53.50

Thompsons Vitamin D 1000iu with Omega 3

Thompson's Vitamin D3 capsules contain 1000iu of Vitamin D3 as 25mcg Cholecalciferol in 500mg of Omega 3 Fish Oil. Due to the perils of too much sunlight, concerns have been raised about a decr... more
RRP From NZD16.90 to NZD35.90 From NZD12.90 to NZD28.90

Thompsons Vitamin E 500iu - Natural

Thompson’s Vitamin E 500IU with Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger which helps maintain blood circulation and may assist in the maintenance of healthy blood vessels. ... more
RRP From NZD56.95 to NZD88.50 From NZD46.00 to NZD73.00

Thompsons Activated Charcoal

Thompsons Charcoal is a simple and incredibly valuable health aid dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. As an "adsorbent", Charcoal can remove unwanted materials from the gut lumen as it... more
RRP NZD10.90 NZD9.00

Thompsons High Potency Calcifort

Thompsons Calcifort supplies Calcium in the preferred, more readily absorbable Citrate form, boosted to high potency with Calcium Carbonate. Calcium Citrate does not require high stomach acidity fo... more
RRP From NZD20.60 to NZD68.60 From NZD15.00 to NZD54.50

Thompsons Dolomite 600 mg

Thompsons Both Calcium and Magnesium are vital for strong, healthy bone formation. Working together, Calcium supplies the important structural components while Magnesium is vital to the absorption ... more
RRP From NZD14.40 to NZD25.30 From NZD11.80 to NZD19.90

Thompsons Liquid Calcium

Thompson's has formulated a liquid calcium supplement with added Vitamin D for optimal absorption and utilisation. Ideal for: Building and maintaining strong healthy bone density Elderly peopl... more
RRP NZD19.20 NZD14.90

Thompsons Organic Iron 24mg

Thompson's Organic Iron Complete comprises a high potency Iron, Ferrous Fumarate, which yields 24 mg of highly bioavailable Iron. Ferrous Fumarate is well accepted by the body for absorption and is... more
RRP NZD24.90 NZD18.90

Thompsons Organic Zinc

Thompson's Organic Zinc helps maintain skin health and supports the immune system. Also proven in prostate health and male fertility. Zinc is an essential component of hundreds of different enz... more
RRP From NZD19.60 to NZD34.90 From NZD14.00 to NZD25.90

Thompsons Organic Magnesium

Thompson's Organic Magnesium is a high potency Magnesium complex for the relief of cramps, nervous tension and the symptoms of PMS. Magnesium is a 'master mineral' that coordinates the proper... more
RRP From NZD23.90 to NZD41.20 From NZD19.50 to NZD29.90

Thompsons 3rd Age Senior Multi

Thompson's 3RD AGE Senior Multi represents the cutting edge in senior nutrition. 3RD AGE contains all the essential nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, E, B Complex and minerals Zinc, Calcium, Magnesi... more
RRP NZD35.75 NZD26.90

Nutralife Calcium Complete Super Gold

Beneficial for: Building strong bones and healthy bone density Maintaining the calcium and magnesium levels necessary for healthy bone strength and function Providing support against calcium los... more
RRP NZD38.90 NZD26.50

Nutralife Calcium Phyto Complete

Nutralife Calcium Phyto Complete is a comprehensive calcium complex formula providing 274mg of elemental Calcium per tablet plus Isoflavones derived from soy. Recommended during and following t... more

Nutralife Magnesium Complete

Details An advanced broad-spectrum Magnesium supplement providing 300mg of elemental magnesium from Aspartate, Orotate, Chelate, Phosphate and Oxide forms of Magnesium. Magnesium is an importa... more
RRP From NZD39.90 to NZD64.90 From NZD25.50 to NZD54.90

Nutralife Teenage Multi

A high-potency vitamin, mineral complex for teenagers to help meet the needs of their active lifestyle and to help maintain clear skin when the diet is inadequate. Pack size: 50 tablets Bene... more
RRP NZD24.90 NZD15.50

Nutralife Vitamin D3 1000IU

Vital for building strong and healthy bones, vitamin D is our ‘sunshine’ vitamin because the body obtains this essential vitamin from the sun’s UV rays. With increased awareness of the sun’s harmfu... more
RRP From NZD18.90 to NZD24.90 From NZD12.20 to NZD18.90

Nutralife Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is an essential trace element, commonly used to help normalise blood sugar levels and manage appetite - especially appetite for carbohydrate or sweet foods. Chromium plays a key role in... more
RRP NZD19.90 NZD11.90

TJ Clark - Colloidal Mineral Formula

TJ Clark Colloidal minerals are a safe and effective source of organic, plant derived, colloidal, macro and trace minerals, in a combination and balance as produced by nature. Naturally extracted i... more

TJ Clark PhytoBond Calcium & Magnesium

TJ Clark PhytoBond Calcium & Magnesium Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. Our body contains about 1,200 grams, and is found mostly in the skeleton and teeth. Nearly every body cel... more

TJ Clark Vitamin C Liquid Formula

TJ Clark Vitamin C Liquid Formula Recent research has found that vitamin C is the only vitamin that seems to play a role in every body function. The bad news is that deficiencies have been found... more

TJ Clark - Vitamin B12 liquid formula

Cyanocobalamin is considered the most potent vitamin and is one of the last true vitamins that has been classified. The vitamin was discovered through studies of pernicious anemia, a condition that... more

TJ Clark - Zinc liquid formula

T.J Clark Liquid Zinc (Zn) is an essential trace mineral. The human body has between 1.5?2.5 g Zn, making it nearly as abundant as iron. It is highly concentrated in specialized areas of the brain,... more

TJ Clark - Selenium

Selenium (Se) is an essential trace element that functions as a component of enzymes involved in antioxidant protection and thyroid hormone metabolism. In several intra- and extra-cellular glutathi... more

Biotrace MRI Concentrated Mineral Drops CMD

CMD Ionic Concentrated Mineral Drops is a highly concentrated Ionic Mineral Supplement that contains 72 Macro and Trace Minerals. These perfectly balanced minerals originate from the pristine north... more
RRP NZD49.90 NZD44.90

Biotrace MRI Calcium & Magnesium 1:1 Cal:Mag Ratio

Calcium and Magnesium 1:1 Formula A unique blend of calcium citrate, malate and specially precipitated calcium carbonate selected for maximum absorption. In addition to the magnesium, this produ... more
RRP NZD34.90 NZD30.90

Hubner Silicea 500ml gel

Bioavailable colloidal silica gel for hair, skin, nails and all connective tissue. For internal and external application. Silicea Gel, derived from quartz crystals, is a dietary colloidal prepa... more
From NZD47.90 to NZD84.90
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